JSC Comstar Is Ready For 2 mln dollars conversion

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The largest Russian and CIS federal ISP Comstar-OTS has dealed with debt conversion. 2,166,000 rubles will be repayed in March and June 2010, correspondingly. Earlier this debt had to be repaid right in September 2009.
Also, Comstar is going to increase the invest rate up to 8% from the total revenue of Group. The new modern networks and new customers are to be built in future.

Apple iPhone beats the Russian WID Market

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Russian analysts in SmartMarketing research firm founded that Apple iPhone have a significant WID market share in 1H 2009. WID is a special term describing all smartphones, PDAs, UMPC, Tablet PCs. 

Total amount of Russian WID market is 676,000 units, whether PDAs are about 165000 units (24,4%) and smartphones are 511,000 units (75,6%). Top-10 vendors are:
1. Apple (27,03%)
2. Samsung (23,11%)
3. HTC (14,05%)
4. Nokia (8,27%)
5. GIGABYTE (6,49%)
6. RoverPC (4,31%)
7. ASUS (3,4%)
8. Mio (3,2%)
9. Acer/E-TEN (3,11%)
10. Sony Ericsson (1,75%)
-- others (5,28%)

Mail.Ru goes with searching tips

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Today Russian №1 web-portal Mail.ru announced new feature in searching. Now you can pick up a little bit inquiry information, e.g.biography of person you are searching for or actual information, e.g. working hours for some organizations. This feature isn't prior to Mail.ru - some months ago Google and Bing had introduced the same, means the Web is going to be more complex and stuctured ever. 

Ex-Google woman is new vice CTO in Mail.Ru

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850059774[1].jpg Jeniffer Trelevich has appointed to new position in Russian Internet-business. Being the CTO in Russian branch office of Google, she achieved a high results which were assumed by Mail.Ru, one of the biggest Russian web-portal. Now Mrs.Trelevich is going to rebuild and modernize all communication services in Mail.ru - IM, webmail, social network and blogs.

WiMAX is avalaible in Siberia

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Russian federal long-distance operator "Synterra" announced the first WiMAX-network in Krasnoyarsk krai. It hosted at town Nizhnyaa Pima, near TransSiberian Railroad.


Network is based on "Iskratel" equipment and works with 2.5-2.7 GHz frequencies. The signal is strong enogh to be available for the radius of 12 km in front of the receiver and 5 km out of the radius. The pings are only 33 ms.

St.Pete's ISP Sues Google for CP

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St.Petersburg ISP "InterZet" is going to sue Google for giving access to "bad sites". The idea is to remove from the search index any materials like sex dating and child porno. 
Dmitry Anchunov, CEO InterZet, said that the lawsuit due to the fact that customers compain about obscene content via Internet. "Web is a den of porn-dealers and it's dangerous to kids who watch it". 
Also InterZet is going to suit another search engines in case the request to Google will be complied. 



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